Monday, November 4, 2019


#NoNoNovember: Day 4: Nothing
by d.f.Monk

“They say you are a wizard.” The town sheriff was intentionally trying to make the word sound like lizard, curling his mouth down into a scowl as he did so.

“I make no such claim. It is a title forced upon me, like when you make these people call you ‘my Lord,’” the sandy haired youth replied. The boy certainly didn’t look like one. He barely had the start of a scratchy beard on his chin, much less the requisite wide brimmed wizard style hat he’d read about in stories.

“But the bag…” The sheriff flicked his finger at it, a bulging sack that moved and rumbled like an upset stomach.

“Please don’t bother that. Just let me take it away.”

“What’s in there?”


“Sure does a lot of squirming for nothing.” 

“Well, if you knew as much about Nothing as I did, you’d know that is quite normal.”

“Are you calling me an idiot, boy?” The sheriff did that curling mouth scowl again.

“I should think that’s unnecessary at this point.”

“Open it!” the sheriff yelled. One of his deputies fumbled with the drawstrings.

“Oh no.” With a quick motion of his hand, and a step forward, the boy found himself on a hill overlooking the town.

In the blink of an eye, the village, its people, their pets and even the scowly faced sheriff simply ceased to be.

“Well that’s a bother,” the wizard said. “Now I’m going to need a new Nothing. And a new bag.”

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