Tuesday, November 25, 2014

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One of us wrote a book. 


Pursued by a racist and dangerously unstable patrol commander through a remote wilderness as a ferocious winter storm closes in, two lovers soon learn that something far more sinister has also picked up their trail. Caught between the vicious designs of their pursuers and an unspeakable evil, overcoming their own inner demons may be their only hope of survival.

Here's one early review:

"It's quite good" -the other one of us.

It's true that I'm not entirely impartial.


Saturday, November 1, 2014

Untitled Short
D.F. Monk

The assault corvette broke through the cloud cover, an avenging angel constructed of gleaming metal and neon light, ready to bring final judgment to those below. The ship's weapons quickly and systematically dismantled the last of the legitimate defenses in the city that had already been bombed mercilessly from orbit.

Captain Lenya Tsereteli watched from the deck of the corvette as a flight of bombers, broad wings outstretched, streaked past them. On the ground below, the shadows of the bombers seemed to drag blossoming explosions of cerulean flames behind them. Ahead of them, a rag-tag column of alien tanks, metal plated caterpillars bristling with thin anti-aircraft turrets, melted from the beam cannons mounted on the front of the Captain's ship. She marveled at the ease and confidence with which her crew now used these exotic weapons.

Interstellar spaceships with superluminal drives, agile giant exoskeletons that could transform to accommodate combat in the sky or on land, forcefields that could deflect aggressive energy beams as hot as the sun -- thirty years ago such things would have still seemed fantastic to a species that had just established a permanent settlement on Mars. Walking on the red planet, with Earth in the sky behind, was now no longer just the stuff of speculation and fiction. How magical the thought of that had seemed to young Lenya, who even as a child wished to join the international effort to become one of those daring few claiming citizenship among the stars.

Transfixed by it all as she was, she bore witness when the fabric of mankind's understanding unwound. Glued to her television screen, she watched as that supply flight to the red planet malfunctioned. It looked as if it was going to be the first great tragedy of the program. But as one of the engines exploded, throwing the rocket wildly out of control and off-course, even her own aggressive youthful imagination could not anticipate it crashing into an invisible alien craft that had been silently lurking nearby.

The accidental sacrifice of those brave cosmonauts heralded the change of everything.
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