Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Just some words...

I don't normally write a lot of poetry, so don't expect a lot of this, but this was something I wanted to share.


They tell me we should return to a better time...
The "Good Old Days."
It's an appealing thought for a moment,
My carefree days of youthful wonder.
But even in this consideration is the realization that
It's impossible to go backwards.
And even if you could,
Why would I want that?
Now that I know why my mother cried.
Now that I know how my father lied.
Meeting once more the lives and the loves
That I will have to watch
Being ripped away again.
How greedy it is,
How simply self-serving,
Thinking we can carve better memories
Out of old scars with fresh cuts
Just for the falsely glittering illusion
Invoked without reflection,
by Three Simple Words.