Sunday, August 27, 2017

It Came From Hyperspace!

We've had our heads down editing Fate's Crucible part 2, but along came an opportunity to work with an old friend, so we found ourselves with a small novella.

You might have already seen this on the Lions Facebook page.  If not, here you go...

Lions of the Empire is pleased to announce the arrival of It Came From Hyperspace!, a novellette set in the world of Legion: The Game (an RPG published by Terminus Productions) to be released mostly around August 29th.

You can pre-order the ebooks from...

Amazon Kindle:

Get the Physical Edition here!:

We hope you enjoy it! If you happen to be at Dragon Con 2017, you can stop by the RPG room and buy a physical copy while you test drive Legion: The Game with Terminus Productions.

More about Legion here:

We hope you enjoy!